Chevy Sonic, Spark to be the first cars out of GM to sport Siri’s “Eyes Free” feature

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During its opening WWDC keynote, Apple announced that as part of iOS 6, Siri will gain an all-new “Eyes Free” feature. Eyes Free allows for automakers to include a button on their automobiles that allows drivers to initiate Siri to send messages, make calls, set reminders, launch apps, and access a slew of information from inside of the car, without picking up the device. Apple revealed that a total of nine automakers will be adapting Eyes Free, but gave no information past that. This evening, GM Authority reports that GM will be among the first to include the technology in its automobiles, starting with its Chevy Spark and Sonic, two compacts with a budget in mind. The publication couldn’t provide an exact date of arrival for the technology in GM’s vehicles, but according to one of their sources, it should be available within the next twelve months.

The Spark and Sonic now feature Chevy’s MyLink feature that allows drivers to connect their car with any smartphone. It has roughly 60 commands, which isn’t that much, but Siri could definitely add a long-list of commands for those who have an iOS device.

Eyes Free should work closely to how other hands-free packages work on most automobiles. An Eyes Free button will be included on the steering wheel, and when activated, a user can speak to their iPhone or iPad connected over Bluetooth while in return Siri does the processing work.

The other nine automakers announced as partners include BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota, Chrysler, and Honda. We’ll be on the look out  for when more information becomes available, most likely over the next year. (via CNET)

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