Apps & updates: Twitpic for iPhone, SoundCloud fixes, Wall Street Journal gains Retina support

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The folks at popular Twitter image uploading service, Twitpic, have today released their own app onto the App Store. The app allows you to easily edit photos with a number of filters and other effects, like cropping, brightness, and orientation. Twitpic for iPhone also offers the ability to view all of picture and videos all of the people you’re following on Twitter have shared, comment on Twitpic pictures, and the option to see the most popular pictures shared on Twitpic for the day. You can check out the new app here.

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Furthermore, there’s also some nice app updates today. SoundCloud has been updated to version 2.1.9, which features a fix for an issue where users couldn’t navigate after signing up/ logging in — which was definitely a bummer. For those of you who use the Wall Street Journal iPad app to find your daily news will be happy to learn that the app has gained Retina display support, which is just perfect for the new iPad. You can grab the SoundCloud update here, Wall Street Journal update here, A few others include a Wash Post update that can be found here Madden NFL 12 here, and TNT for iPad here

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